Welcome to the Faith Frequency Incubator, where you can take your spiritual journey from a tumultuous never-ending project to an ecstatic fluid experience.

If you feel like you have gone above and beyond when it comes to personal-growth yet still feel stuck and searching, or you always need to go back to a coach or therapist to make decisions, you are not alone.

The Faith Frequency Incubator is a unique group experience designed for the spiritual seeker who is looking to move beyond the familiar, outdated patterns and cross over the threshold from a place of chasing healing to actually thriving, offering you the opportunity to unlock the door to your fullest potential.

I have created this program for people who are tired of having to go back to therapy and coaches over and over again

It is never too late to transform your life and I am confident that this program can help you get there

(For an intimate experience, limited spots available)

Have you been…

  • Doing all the self-help things and still getting into funks? Finding yourself going back again and again to therapy, or coaching, or energy healing because you can't seem to maintain your progress and peace?

  • Feeling like the positive affirmations, the chakra balancing, the energy healing, and the guided meditations only last for so long and then you need a fix again?

  • Feeling like you don't trust your intuition 100% of the time or you've been calling out to the Universe/God for help and you get mostly static?

  • Finding yourself binging YouTube videos to pump yourself up, fall from the high, and then need more videos to keep you calm?

  • Deep down, you feel there's still something missing—and you’re looking for the key that will unlock the door to your fullest potential.

Maybe you're doing fine on the surface, but the concept of having it all together seems super unrealistic

If any of that sounds like you, Imagine how it would feel to…

  • No longer feel the need to reach out to psychics for predictions. No more reading horoscopes to map out your life. No more manifestation-scripting and obsessing over how to properly apply techniques to get what you want.

  • Not Have to go to Church or Temple to feel like you can get into a holy space.

  • Know how to tap into your intuition and God/Source Energy so that you are totally confident, self-sufficient, and walking in unwavering faith.

  • Wake up each day with a renewed sense of purpose and complete belief of and trust in God.

Yes I want to have unwavering faith!

(Limited Space Available)

Picture a 10-week journey, not just filled with bite-sized content but drenched in miracles and empowering thinking.

Imagine weekly live 1:1 facilitation sessions with a tight-knit community providing unwavering support and convenient short video clips to enjoy in between live calls to keep your spirits high and for you to feel totally supported every step of the way.

This is what the Faith Frequency Incubator offers—a carefully curated curriculum covering faith, manifestation, healthy boundaries, positive thinking, and the exploration of your unique spiritual gifts. The Faith Frequency Incubator is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

It is a sacred, safe space that will be sealed and protected by God. This is a place where miracles can happen in an instant. Shifts you have been praying for can happen at rapid speeds.

The program follows a distinctive 3-step process, designed to set the foundation for your profound transformation.


  • Dive deep into conversation, analysis, and teaching.

  • Identify challenges, fears, behavioral patterns, and limiting beliefs.

  • Receive individualized support tailored to your unique journey.

  • Navigate with advanced spiritual vocabulary.


  • Reframe your perspective for an immediate shift.

  • Discuss where you are and what's necessary to move forward.

  • Explore topics like healthy boundaries, self-soothing, discernment, and managing life's energies.

  • Define and experience your connection with God authentically.


  • Function from unwavering faith for miraculous manifestation.

  • Align beliefs, thoughts, and behavior for more ease and flow.

  • Practice gratitude for divine work, attracting more blessings.

  • Live in a state of faith and gratitude, inviting heightened spiritual experiences.

In this program you will get to a place of masterful living and embodied faith without succumbing to religious dogma or new-age limitations.

Your life will never be the same. Are you ready to be the version of you that you always wanted to be but never really believed was possible?

I know it is, and I know I can guide you there.

Yes I want to have unwavering faith!

(Limited Space Available)

What you'll receive in this group

A Miracle-Filled 10-Week Journey: Transform yourself and your life with a container designed for miracles, creating ripple effects in your relationships and all areas of your life.

Weekly Zoom Calls with Personal Facilitation: Engage in 1-2 hours of live 1:1 facilitation during weekly group Zoom calls, with replays available.

Exclusive Curriculum for Lasting Change: Dive into a one-of-a-kind life-changing curriculum

50+ Exclusive Mini-Videos for Daily Activation: Access to never-before-seen mini-videos, each 1-5 minutes long, recorded exclusively for this program to activate and shift you daily.

Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group: Join a supportive community for high-level support, connecting with individuals who have graduated the program and who are currently enrolled.

Q&A Sessions and Support: Participate in Q&A sessions within the Facebook group in between live meetings.

Exclusive Teachings for Spiritual Mastery: Receive teachings on Faith/God, Manifestation Skills, Healthy Boundaries, Communication Skills, and more.

Your journey with us will lead you to your highest vibration, a deeply integrated connection with God, and a spiritual practice that's authentically yours.

After This program, you will experience a fresh perspective so you are finally able to:

  • See things clearly

  • Take action with confidence.

  • Reframe your perspective to see the positives,

  • Develop healthier habits,

  • Establish healthy boundaries

  • Become the most high-functioning version of yourself

  • Have a deeper connection with the divine than ever before

This sacred container will help you live your very best life.


​Is this something you are ready to be a part of? Is something in your body saying YES YES YES it IS time! If so, click that booking button and talk more about the program and where you are at and decide if the program is a fit for you.

Yes I want to have unwavering faith!

(Limited Space Available,

First Come First Served)

Program Pricing & Details

  • Weekly Live Zoom Calls with opportunity for 1:1 Facilitation (replays provided). Groups are small enough to get personal coaching every week and share in communal discussion with your fellow course participants.

  • One private 60-minute 1:1 session to use during the duration of the program when you feel you need it most.

  • 50+ Exclusive Mini-Videos for Daily Viewing: 1-5 minutes long (bite size!), recorded exclusively for this program (seen no where else!) to support you to make the incremental shifts needed for you to leave the program a new version of you!

  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group: You don't just leave the program changed, you leave with an opportunity for lifelong friendship and like-minded community.

  • Intimate support from me inside the Facebook group in between live sessions for a cohesive and immersive experience.

  • Group work is powerful and offers faster transformation than in 1:1 coaching. Immersing yourself in a group filled with optimism and emotional maturity, paired with group prayer and intention setting provides a space for exponential growth and rapid-paced miracles!

  • Experience a deeper connection with God/the divine than ever before.

  • Investment: $5500. If needed, payment plans available with 0% interest.

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